Things You Need To Know As a Financee (debtor)



Up to SAR 7.5 million finance

You can get financing for your finance requests up to SAR 7.5 million and from 3 months to 2 years.



Wide range of financing solutions

All types of finance request can be financed: renovation works, business expansion, purchase of equipment, increase inventory, invoice finance. In short working capital and capex funding.



Selection process

  • Each business undergoes a rigorous risk assessment undertaken by our experienced internal credit team and further supported by on-site verification.

  • Only verified and pre-qualified businesses will be listed on the Raqamyah platform.

  • Each finance request is given its own rating based on number of data points which contribute towards an overall risk band.

  • Using Raqamyah risk model, we look at both quantitative and qualitative measurements, including revenue growth, profitability, strength of management team, sector competitiveness, etc.

  • The metrics which are provided on the platform are a summary of the multiple data points we review during our risk assessment process . learn more 

  • Typically, a firm answer arrives in 3 business days and you can get the funds a few days later if your request has been approved and funded by platform financers.



What types of companies

You must be an established Saudi-based business meeting at least the following criteria:

  • Audited financials for a minimum of two years

  • Profitable

  • With sufficient repayment capacity

All business applications go through a detailed credit assessment.



Response time

You will know if you are eligible by completing finance request application. Once we have received the necessary information, we will get back to you with a firm answer within three business days. If your finance request is accepted in principle, we will conduct a site visit for further screening before listing the funding request on Raqamyah Platform.



Time to finance

Once you are qualified, your finance request will be presented on our website for approximately 30 business days. After the end of this period, you will receive within 3 business days the requested amount minus our fees if your financed request is fully funded.



Raqamyah Fees

Fees depend on the type of finance request as follows:

  • Term Finance

    • Arrangement fee ranges from 2-5% depending on the rating, period and amount.

    • Management fee equal to 0.167% of the outstanding amount invoiced monthly. It covers the costs associated with processing and is directly added to monthly payments.

    • One-off documentation fee of SAR 2,000.

  • Inventory and Invoice Finance

    • Arrangement fee ranging from 2-5% depending on the rating, period and amount.

    • One-off fee of 1% per invoice written.

    • One-off documentation fee of SAR 2,000.



Online publication of your funding proposal

Once you are pre-qualified, your funding request is placed online on our platform so that financers can finance. In order for them to finance in a transparent manner, they must have information about your company, including a description of your activity, its history, the financing request, and certain financial data.